Salmon and avocado tartare with Sweet White Vinegar

Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Salmon and avocado tartare with Sweet White Vinegar


1.5 lb. of fresh sushi-grade salmon fillet - skin removed
6 sprigs of savory herbs of your choice
4 Tablespoon of Sweet White Vinegar Bianca 
1 mature avocado
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt to taste


Cut salmon into cubes.

Put salmon in a bowl and season with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 tablespoons of Sweet White Vinegar, salt and the savory springs. Leave for at least 15 minutes.

Take the avocado and cut into thin slices and season with extra virgin olive oil.

Serve the tartare using a medium-sized ring mold. Spoon the salmon tartare mixture into the mold, pressing it down lightly. Carefully lift the ring mold up and off of the plate. Add some slices of avocado.

Enjoy adding a tablespoon of Sweet White Vinegar and with toasted baguette slices.


Recipe created for Carandini by Roberta of @robysushi